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How To Create A Profitable Business On Social Media 

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Does This Sound Like You?

You feel unfilled and exhausted

The days seem to be flying by

You see everyone else doing this so it must be the norm

Growing up you were told to go to school and build a career

Then add children into the mix

"You can't have it all" a career and time for your family

Forget time for yourself! 

That is the sacrifice we make

But what if it was possible to have it all...

To have a successful business and still have control over your time and money

What if it was possible to find a purpose

Are You Ready?


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Automated Income

How to build a business with automation that doesn’t require a social media background


The Exact System

How to replace your full-time income while traveling the world, working remotely, or working from the comfort of your own home


Frequently Asked Questions

What's day to day like, who can do this, how long does it take to make money and more!

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AnnMarie Almaguer
➡Online Social Media Marketer & Coach⬅


Catch a glimpse into my story

I never hated my job. I liked working and being financially independent. I loved learning and being challenged. But then the days became routine and I was living on autopilot. I was living for the weekend, working for others, and taking care of my family. It felt like I no longer had an identity and knew if I didn't change anything nothing would change. 
I have grown a whole new skillset, become confident and am creating time and financial freedom for myself and family. 
Dreams I use to have are now in hands reach. 
But don't just take it from me...

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Before I started working online, I worked in corporate for 8+ years. I did all the things you're supposed to go... go to college, get a good GPA, get a good job, and start climbing the corporate ladder. And while I didn't mind what I did, I always knew deep down that it wasn't something I wanted to do forever. What I really wanted to do was to travel the world, experience other cultures, learn new languages, and grow as a person thru it all. But we all know that costs money. Which is why I kept doing what I was doing. I was financially secure, I made 6 figures!

But overtime, it started to wear on me. I could see upper management and the lives they were living and it was NOT the life I wanted. They were stressed, their health and personal relationships were being affected, and they weren't traveling like I wanted.


So that's when I decided to make a change. I didn't want any regrets. And I am happy to say, I have none! Since I've started working for myself, I've grown so much as a person, it's insane. I'm able to focus on my own well-being, work hard towards my own goals, and make a great income while doing it! Plus the training, support, and mentorship has been unreal. Meeting like-minded people thru this community has been one of the best parts! My favorite part is how I feel tho. I am confident, driven, and know that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to! If you're on the fence, just do it already. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Hii friends! Let me start by saying CONGRATS on deciding to start diving into creating the life YOU desire 
I was never the type of person that knew exactly what I wanted to do when I “grew up”. I went to college because that’s what was expected of me, but even after graduating, I still had no idea what I wanted. HOW does any 23 year old know what they want for the next 45 years? They don’t!
I tried a ton of different paths, but wanted to use my degree SO badly, that I found myself in a career that not only made me miserable and Burnt Out, but had me crying every single day. I was 25 & there was NO way I was about to live this life for 40 years, just for retirement..
Sooo, I quit my job and 2 days later I found myself starting a career completely online. All of a sudden my passions became my brand & my brand became my business. I was able to be ME and live my ideal lifestyle. Not the lifestyle expected of me by others.
In the last 2 years I went from unfulfilled & confused about my future to confident, passionate and killin’ it online. ALL thru this opportunity! I’ve been able to retire myself & my fiancé from corporate FOREVER, create a multiple 6 figure online business, and now travel around the U.S full time in our converted sprinter van with unlimited Time, Financial & Location Freedom!
I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to change my life & help so many others along the way!


I started this business because I needed a way OUT of the 40 plus years I saw ahead of me of being stuck in an office and not actually LIVING life. I knew the lifestyle I wanted, (freedom, independence, travel!!!) and this seemed like the way to get me there. I wanted to work hard, but ultimately work for myself- whenever and wherever I wanted.

Since starting I've grown in so many ways personally and professionally.
I have built confidence I never knew I had in me. Building my business pushed me outside my comfort zone to connect with others and develop an abundance mindset that I CAN have the things I want in life.
I've been able to quit my 9-5 and travel to many places I've always wanted to WHILE still making an income. I got to go to the Caribbean and island hop with my family and then one week later left for Australia and traveled around the country for several weeks.
I am now living the lifestyle I wanted for so long and am SOO thankful I found this and went with it!